Institut für industrielle Pharmazie

The Institut für industrielle Pharmazie (Institute for industrial pharmacy, in brief: IIP) was founded in 1979 by the chemist Dr. Gerhard Ludwig, the pharmacist Dr. Rainer Sunderdiek and the entrepreneur Herbert Schwind with the aim to develop products for the pharmaceutical industry and the contact lens industry.

Exemplary for exclusive research under contract was the development of care systems for hard and soft contact lenses based on Hexidin/Thiomersal and low-dosed hydrogen-peroxide, which were patented in many countries worldwide and which still today are an essential contribution to a secure long-term care of contact lenses.

In the 80ies IIP succeeded in developing and registering quite a number of new galenical forms with pharmaceutical USP for the expansion and completion of the product ranges of in particular small and medium-sized companies.

As a service rendering company for the expanding generic industry, too, IIP with its wide range of ideas proved to be a competent partner.

IIP was not only successful with regard to projects for improving production costs, but also showed solutions in difficult situations in the framework of registration procedures, for example, by providing evidence for quality, efficacy and safety of topical drug dosage forms.

IIP gained special experience with respect to so-called “bibliographical” marketing authorizations that were based on scientific documents for the well-established use and that allowed a competitive advantage for IIP-customers through a launch of products before the expiry of the period of data exclusivity and market protection.

The main focus of IIP’s business activities nowadays is, apart from the exclusive research and development of innovative drug dosage forms under contract, above all the development and registration of generic medicinal products with patent-free substances on the one hand and of generic-plus-medicinal products in indication fields with high growth potential in attractive market segments on the other hand.

Today IIP holds a multitude of marketing authorizations and carries out national and international registration procedures in many European countries as services rendered for IIP-customers. © Institut für industrielle Pharmazie Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH